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Be Kind

Youth Cree, 2015

Collaborating with Katy Milne (Director of Greenfield Arts) and the Youth Cree group of young people from Greenfield Arts, Newton Aycliffe UK once again, the group were commissioned to create a gift to be presented to visitors to a festive event. This gift was inspired by new beginnings, kindness and the privilege of gifting something beautiful to someone you may not have met before. 

Within the gift was a 'Manifesto of Kindness', a light, an 'Eat Toast' pin badge and a miniature artist book to encourage mindfulness. This work brought together themes of previous Youth Cree sessions and investigations in order to present a cohesive and well considered gift of kindness. The Youth Cree group designed and put together all aspects of the gift, with guidance and support to enhance and inspire their creative thinking.

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